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(Česky) Fotokniha

Sorry, this entry is only available in Czech.

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USA Trip – The Ride after the Rising Sun

Finally I created a small video from my trip across the USA. It was hard to put 3,5 months to just 3 minutes.

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Hrubá Voda


Few pictures from the weekend in Hrubá Voda.

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Drábské světničky


After a long time I publish a new post. I have a lot of pictures from USA which I have to process so I offer you some pictures from Drábské světničky. Taking pictures of the night sky has began my new hobby. I did a lot of them on the west coast in USA so I tried to do it also here. Unfortunatelly there is a lot of light pollution in this area.

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The Journey Across USA

Hi Everyone!

Most of you already know it but if you don’t know it yet I ride on my recumbent across the United States during the period 30th April – 14th August. If you want to follow me during my trip, you can do it on the web page or on my facebook page Here I will insert photos after my return.

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Winter in Jizerské Mountains

It is a long time, when I created a video. This time I created a video to show the winter beuty of Jizerské Mountains. The video was made by my cell phone Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in 4K. It is my first try, so you can insert your comments if you like it and how would you improve the video.

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